Sunday, February 6, 2005

Superbowl XXIX: Pats Win!

In another close Superbowl, the Patriots manage to squeeze out another win in the biggest sports spectacle of the year for their 3rd win in the past 4 years. Although they got off to a slow start, the Pats picked up their game in the 2nd half and seemingly ran down the field with ease. The Eagles looked to have the momentum in the 1st half as they struck first on the scoreboard despite having numerous turnovers. But their mistakes caught up to them in the 2nd half as McNabb made a couple of errant throws resulting in 2 interceptions. Also, the time management of the Eagles was kind of lax near the end of the game when they managed to get the ball back with about a min and 30 or so seconds left. But it was a closely fought game, and TO managed to come back from his injury rather well, having almost 10 catches. But in the end, the Pats do what they do best and win the close ones.

The commercials this year weren't really too memorable. The only one that stuck out in my mind was the Anheuser-Busch sponsored commerical where they paid tribute to the soldiers (they showed soldiers coming through an airport and getting a standing ovation from all those travellers in the airport). McDonalds ran on the coattails of the Grilled Cheese with the Virgin Mary's face and created the fry in the form of Lincoln's face! In addition, you can bid on the fry on Yahoo's auction site. Oh, and I signed up for my chance to win a trip to space too :P

If you want to see those commericials, take a look here.

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