Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What Kind of Asian are you?

As inspired from here.

Young Asians in America come in many forms. Below are the major categories. Most Asians fit into multiple groups. For example, Rice-boys can also be Fobs and many Tabs are Fobulous. The only groups that are never part of another group are the Twinkies and the Asian-Americans. Claim your Fobbiness! When you see your Asian friend, greet them with "Wassup Fob!" And if your Asian friend says something ridiculous, say "Fob please!" Of course, when a non-Asian calls you a Fob, that is grounds for a fight. Ahahaha... The categories below are to be taken lightheartedly. Read, recognize and laugh.

- Besides your nationality, there is little to distinguish you from white people
- Your significant other is not Asian and never has been
- You have few Asian friends, if any
- You are embarrassed at family events because you cannot speak your language and everyone has to switch to English to communicate with you
- You have no idea that the other types of Asians on this list even exist
- You think Hello Kitty is dumb and do not know what Sanrio is
- You are the only Asian on this list that does not know what Bubble Tea is
- You drive a Ford or some other domestic car and if you drive a Honda, it is stock

- You claim yourself as Asian, but real Asians think you're whitewashed and non-Asians see you as a foreigner. You fit in nowhere
- You have heard of Bubble Tea but have never actually had any
- You are confused about your cultural identity and express this frustration through spoken word performances at your college
- You read A. magazine and think it's great
- You do not know who Leon, Aaron, Sammi, Hikki, or Kangta are
- You are only vaguely aware of the other Asians below

Yap (Young Asian Professional)
- You are in one of these professions:
a) Medicine / Pharmaceutical
b) Engineering
c) Finance
d) Investment Banking
e) Accounting
- Most of your wardrobe was purchased at Banana Republic
- You go to "mixers" on Thursday nights to meet other Yaps and talk about the Dow Jones.
- You did exactly what your parents wanted you to do and as a result, your life is hella boring
- Your apartment/home is decorated almost exclusively with stuff from Pier 1
- Your parents always talk to their friends about how much money you make. If they don't, then you're a dissapointment

Fob (Fresh Off tha Boat)
- You were not born in America
- You know who Leon, Aaron, Sammi, Hikki, and Kangta are. In fact, you have seen them at Atlantic City or Las Vegas recently
- You speak your native language fluently and so do all your friends
- You do not have any non-Asian friends
- Your parents do not speak any English
- When you speak English, you like to make everything plural
- You get extremely good grades in school
- You cannot dance
- Your fashion sense comes from whatever country you're from and you incorporate nothing from American fashion into your wardrobe

- Your command of the English language is minimal and you don't care
- You like dim sum chicken feet
- You do not own a single CD, VCD, Video game, or DVD that isn't bootlegged
- Your only hangout is Chinatown
- All the lights in your house are fluorescent
- You dry your cloths outside your window
- You need a haircut
- You either smell like cigarettes or food

- You are an Asian-American or Twinkie who has recently "awoken"
- You have a newly found fetish of Asian girls/boys
- You have taken the Asian Studies course at college
- You are trying to learn as much as possible about your culture to make up for your lifetime of trying to be white (Twinkie ; Banana) or Black (Chigger ; Tea egg)
- If you are lucky, you will grow to become Fobulous

Gangsta Fob (Fobsta)
- You have shot another Asian
- Your favorite hangout is a pool hall
- When you talk, you sound like a cross between a Fob and an urban black kid
- Your hair looks silly, but no one will tell you because you'll shoot them
- You have a serious gambling problem
- You are a Rice-boy, but your mods are cheap and are never painted to match the rest of your car
- No one tells you your rice ride looks cheap because you'll shoot them
- You want to have a Tab girlfriend, but can only get Hoochie Tabs

Tab (Trendy Asian B*tch)
- You shop at A/X, Bebe and Club Monaco
- You only wear black and will occasionally wear white to "mix it up"
- You do not weigh more than 105 lbs
- You have never paid for dinner at a restaurant in your life
- Platform heels are your favorite
- You are a makeup expert, in fact, you appear completely flawless
- You do not smile in public
- You are the object of desire of all Asian men and you know it
- You smoke
- Your cell phone is completely customized
- On the inside flip of your cell phone is a sticker pic of you and your man
- Somewhere in your purse is a Sanrio item
- You only date Asian and will only date a boy with a nice car
- You are often seen with Rice-boys
- You never travel alone. You are either in the company of other Tabs or your Rice-boy boyfriend

Hoochie Tab
- You are an import car model
- Your boobs are not real
- There are naked pictures of you floating around on the internet somewhere
- Stiletto heels are your favorite
- Your role models are Francine Dee and Kaila Yu
- Your boyfriend is a Gangsta Fob
- You cheat on your boyfriend
- Unlike most Asians, you do not do well in school

- You drive an Asian import. Usually a Honda or Acura
- Your souped up car (known as a Rice-ride or Rice-rocket) is unrecognizable from it's original stock form
- Your exhaust pipe is big enough for your head to fit in
- The spoiler on your car looks like it was made by Boeing
- The interior of your car also looks like it was designed by Boeing
- You always drive like you are racing someone
- You are not afraid of dying in a crash, but you are afraid of speed bumps and parking lot on-ramps
- The only other person besides yourself who can sit in your car is your 105 lbs Tab girlfriend. If anyone else sits in your car, the entire bottom of it will be touching the ground
- Even though your car is a Honda, it goes faster and is worth more than a Lotus Esprit
- If you drive a Civic, your dream car is a Supra. If you drive a Supra, your dream car is a Skyline (which you can never have). Poor Rice-boy.

- You speak perfect English and you are fluent in your native language
- You have Asian friends as well as non-Asian friends
- You listen to Asian pop as well as American music
- You are equally aware of both popular American culture and Asian pop culture
- You are a good dancer
- You date Asian by choice even though you could rock the opposite sex of any other race
- You are a good designer and have superior Html skills
- You have an Apt107 page AND an AA page and the guest books in both are packed
- For you, FOB stands for Fabulous Oriental Being
- You have lots of Asian pride

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Today's Weather Forecast: April snow shower...

After enjoying some nice weekday weather consisting of 70+ degree clear days, I was sort of depressed to wake up this morning and see snow coming down the sky o_O Granted, it wasn't coming down like a cold winter day, but the fact that it's April for crying out loud! Thankfully, not much of it laid on the ground, and the afternoon rain washed most of it away by the evening.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Game System RPG Action!

Check out this clever flash creation here that pits some game systems of old and new against the renegade PSP!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Now only if they had one of these for EM...

Apparently, thanks to SCIgen, a random paper CS paper generator, some students are going to a conference to do a presentation on one of the accepted papers. It makes me wonder who does the background check on for these conferences...

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Remember that Japanese Flash Bike Bashing game?

Here's the violent cat version of the game. The sound effects aren't as good as the Japanese one though.

Saturday, April 9, 2005

Time to recover >.<

Man, after playing some basketball yesterday and rock climbing today, my body is ready to turn in for the day >.< I was guarding my friend David yesterday in bball, but since he's built like a mini-Shaq, needless to say it was taxing just trying to keep the ball away from him >.< Plus I got my thigh bruised and my body was sent flying when David turned to catch the ball >.<

Rock climbing was pretty fun, but I think I would have had more fun had my hands would stop sweating :( I made it to the top of the wall on the first two walls, but I was unable to make it to the top of the rest of the ones I tried >.<

After the physical strain, my friends and I managed to catch an afternoon showing of Sin City, which is definately not for the squeamish if you want to see it. Headshots will be shots, limbs will be flying, and many other body parts will be ripped off. If you can stomach all of that, it's an interesting movie to sit back and just appreciate how it's presented.

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Try saying this 10 times fast....


So I guess two heads are better than one if you need it.

Also, for those who use Google Maps, there's a new option to overlay a satellite picture over the map. I could find my house in PA this way, although the pictures a bit dated since a lot of the houses in my neighborhood weren't built yet. Also sort of interesting is if you tried looking for the White House, it's "missing" from the photographs.

I'm all in...

When you get a fortune cookie that says that financial prosperity will be coming your way, you know the cards are gonna fall your way at poker night :P This was the 3rd time that I went with my friends, and the cards seemed to fall my way when I needed it. In the previous two times that I played, I sorta went too aggressively when I had a chip lead and it hurt me badly. This time I sorta paced myself a bit better in not playing every marginal hand that I had, and it seemed to pay off down the road. It was a $10 buy in, but we get pizza, sodas, and a good evening of entertainment, and I came out of it with $30+ :) So the moral of the story: gamble when the fortune cookie says so :P

Friday, April 1, 2005

Adorable dogs without the hassle!

If you like playing with dogs but don't want to hassle with feeding them and such, check out this latest game for the Nintendo DS. It's guarenteed to make you smile ^_^

Have a thurst for knowledge??

Then go get yourself a Google Gulp!, the latest creation from Google!

Pulling Teeth

Today I went to the Student Health Center to have my bi-yearly teeth cleaning (hey, gotta take advantage of the student insurance!) and seriously, this was probably the quickest teeth cleaning I ever had. My appointment started about 15 minutes late, but I was in no big hurry to go anywhere, but about 10 minutes later after sitting down in the chair, I was up and out. I guess flossing really does help out in the long run after all! The woman who cleaned my teeth did mention that I should be using a soft toothbrush, and I asked her why and she mentioned that it's does wear down the enamel of your teeth, but then I began wondering if that's the case, why did they bother selling medium and hard bristled toothbrushes. Anyways, I had been using a "hard" bristled toothbrush which came free with the Colgate Toothpaste I bought (hey, I'm a sucker for free things >.<) but I had a soft one in storage, so now that toothbrush lies in my toothbrush holder.

So remember, always floss! This is coming from a person who probably had every conceivable teeth-related procedure done to his mouth.