Monday, January 19, 2009


So this past Friday as I was coming back from work and entering into my apartment unit, I see a sign that says "Extermination of the building will begin January 19, 2009", and for some reason, I'm thinking that they're going to be blowing up the building and I'd have another headache on my hands to worry about. But of course this wasn't the case, and on my door, there was a flying giving tips on how to prepare your house for the exterminator, which basically meant that you had to move all of your furniture away from the walls so that he can spray the base board and the ceiling. Fortunately, my furniture and bed are relatively light and I didn't have too much stuff to move around.

So today, the exterminator and one of the apartment maintenance guys came by at around 10:30, and the exterminator proceeded to inoculate my rooms. I asked the maintenance guy what prompted the spraying as I wasn't having any bug problems, and he mentioned that one of the apartments above me was apparently having major issues with bed bugs, so they decided to spray all the apartments in my building as a precaution. The process was pretty quick, and the exterminator had my entire place sprayed in like 10 minutes, though I found it sort of strange that he was spraying each of the wall sockets (I had images of the sockets blowing up, but that didn't happen :P). But after the spraying, I had to be out of the apartment for two hours, so I killed the time browsing at the local Circuit City to see if there were any extraordinary sales. They had everything marked 10% off, but nothing really jumped out.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vegas Loot

I had some time today to take a look at my current chip count from Vegas hotels on the strip, and I'm getting ever so close to collecting them all. Missing right now are Planet Hollywood, Bally's, and Sahara (Casino Royale doesn't count :P). I liked the old Luxor chip better (the one with the hieroglyphics on it) since it's nifty looking and doesn't look like every other chip, and for whatever reason I like the design of the Mirage chip, but the luckiest chip has to be the Wynn chip as I made up a great deal of my poker losses there this past January :P

In sadder new, the XM8 that Cucumbernator brought for me had a rough trip in my luggage, and the back end of it broke off -_- But fortuantely, everything else worked after I plugged the battery, so maybe I'll just duck tape the back end to give it the battle worned look :P And I will confirm that the sound the gun makes after you let go of the trigger does sound similar to the plasma blast in Star Control 2.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Lunch PUNishment

I just had to roll my eyes at the name of the place we tried for lunch today, even though the sub I had there was good.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

2009 New Years Resolution

Looking back, I didn't do too badly in fulfilling my resolutions of 2008 in going 3.5/5.  For 2009, the major resolution that I want to get in my pocket by the end of March is to get my research done and graduate from graduate school.  It'll be a tough road these next 2.5 months or so, but I think I'll be able to grind it out and finish it up.  Until then, I'm not going to have any other resolution in my mind, but I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to think of many more once I finish up.  So hopefully I'll be able to bat 1.000 on this one.