Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Old Video Game Tunes from the past...

In acapella form! Acapellas always amaze me in their creative ways, and this video shows that this acapella is no exception :)

Monday, May 16, 2005

Hurray for new stuff!

It's that time again where Kungfucius breaks out his wallet for those good deals too good to refuse! Staples is having their 19th anniversary sale, so today I picked up 3 items. The first item is a shiny new crimson Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse, which has a nifty tilting scroll wheel, and the guy at the counter said that he had one of these and was still running on the same set of batteries for the past 2 months. Since this mouse retails for around $50, you can't go wrong picking it up for $13 :) The next thing was a 802.11b Linksys router. Since my 700m only has an 802.11b card, there wasn't any real good reason to get a G version, plus for $5 afte rebate, you should pick one up for your dog and cat :P The last item was a 16x Dual Layer DVD burner. Since I've been hanging on to my DVD/CD-RW combo that burns CDs at 4x, I figured it was time for an upgrade, and for a fast burner for $40 that does dual layer, it's definately one to get. However, I've tried backing up some things and found it's only burning at 8x so far, but since it only takes around 7 to 8 minutes to burn a DVD (as opposed to 15 minutes with my previous burner on a CD), I won't complain too much. Oh, for those who are looking for DVD+(or -) media, Staples is selling a pack of 50 for $7.94, so if you're in the need for some blanks, definately go and pick some up :) And if you do decide to go and buy stuff at Staples this week, print yourself this coupon and save 12% :)

Another nifty thing about Staples is how they handle rebates. If you have an internet connection, you can apply for the rebates online, type in some numbers, and boom, your rebate is all set! And you save on stamps in the meantime!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Next Generation Video Game Consoles

The next generation gaming systems are lining up to look pretty interesting. The X-box 360 showed itself on an MTV special, complete with wireless controllers, 3 cpu cores, and "free" X-box live on the weekends. For those who missed it, you can take a look at a video here and check out the specs. Meanwhile, there's some speculation about the Nintendo revolution, but if it turns out to be anything like this, I'll be pretty darn impressed!

Saturday, May 7, 2005

Someone's mail server has a malfuction...

Looks like the residential hall mail server seems to be going bonkers these days as you can see in my email inbox...

Thursday, May 5, 2005


I just realized my laundry detergent is no where to be found, so I probably left it in the laundry room, which means that other people probably used it up already >.<


Apparently, Nike has developed a special contact lense for sports players to help them see better in their respective sports. But you gotta love the red and purple outlines it puts on your eyes @_@

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Still alive here...

Sorry for the recent lack of updates. I've been sorta busy studying for my one miderm and prepping for a presentation this week, so it's been sort of a hassle trying to get things all together. On top of that, I've been falling behind on my anime reviews >.< But I will definately try to catch back up over the weekend!

My PC's hard drive decided to play a mean trick on me this morning and pretend that it had kicked the bucket. I booted up my PC after waking up only to hear the uneasy "click....click....click..." after the BIOS screen went through and when my PC tried to load Windows. After I came home from my midterm, I took a closer look at it to see if there were any connections that had loosened and such. It was a Seagate hard drive, and I haven't really done anything overly intensive on it, although I must admit I probably should get a better power supply since my PC seems to whine a lot while I'm running Folding@home in the background (Folding@home keeps your CPU usage basically at 100% all the time, so my CPU is probably trying to gobble up as much power as it can). After quickly running to the computer labs to make some boot disks for one of Seagate's diagnostic programs and booting it up on my PC, I was glad to find that the physical drive itself was pretty much intact since the surface scan came up clean. However, the filing system itself had laid an egg on me, which meant it was time to reinstall Windows once again (I had already done a new installation 2 weeks ago). But, I was glad knowing that I didn't have to shell out $$ to get myself a new drive, and thankfully I had my 300 gigger to store all my anime, so no anime episodes were lost :)