Monday, July 30, 2007

Music Links of the Day

Here're some web tools for those who want to listen to some web music.

For those who know exactly what they're looking for: SeeqPod
For those who don't know title they're looking for, but know the mood of the music they want: Musicovery

The Price is Right

After spending a good portion of July at my apartment, David's family left for their trek back to Iceland. While it was nice having people at the apartment to make things more lively, what was sort of more interesting was hearing them talk about how much cheaper things are here compared to Iceland. For a good majority of the time, David's family found themselves out shopping practically everywhere. Some examples of the things purchased.

1) One of David's sisters bought 7 pairs of jeans.
2) David's sister's fiancee bought an electronic drum set to ship back to Iceland.
3) David's parents bought a sofa set that consisted of 3 pieces. They claim that even with the cost of shipping, it'll end up being 30-40% cheaper than purchasing it in Iceland.
4) All 7 of us have gone out to dinner at some nice places, and David's dad had mentioned that the cost of 7 eating out probably cover 2 in Iceland.
5) David's dad bought 2 or 3 digital cameras (Canon SD1000) for the school that he's principal of.

So I guess the next time I go to Iceland, I'll have to take a good amount of cash along :P

Friday, July 27, 2007

Simpsonized (with updated pic version 2)...

I saw a commercial for the "Simpsonize Me" website while watching You Think You Can Dance. It was pretty amusing to see the results that came from it. Here's Team Veggie so far (more to be added later...)

Update: New Photo!
Update2: Grapes new pic, PSP and Datasix added!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hello Kitty's evil twin: Goodbye Kitty

Oscar the cat probably didn't ask for this, but he seems to have this amazing ability to predict the inevitable death of the patients in the hospital that he roams at. Click here for the details.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Deja vu...

The Kungmobile experienced a case of deja vu today. As noted from here, the Kungmobile blew out a tire as I brought David's family to the movies. This time, I was driving David's family to the same theater as last week, and on the same highway again (route 71), I hear a sudden loud disturbing noise near the back of the van, but I didn't think I ran anything over, so I figured it was nothing. But a couple of seconds later, it was pretty obvious that the Kungmobile blew out another tire (rear right) as I began to lose control. Fortunately, the traffic wasn't too bad, so I pulled to the right side again, and David and I went back to our tire changing routine. Fortunately, it only took us less than 7 minutes or so to change it, so we're getting better! At this rate, we might get so good that NASCAR will hire us for their pit crew. Also, it was probably better it happened like this because David's family and I were planning to head towards Cedar Point today to go there on Thursday, but the forecast calls for rain on Thursday. So at least now, I can get it fixed up before we head up.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

So that's my role...

A sample of a conversation with my fellow campers in prepping for camping...

Orca: Do we need to worry about bears - get bear proof containers?
Tochi: MrMonk's bringing a bear trap. no worries
Kungfucius: really? o_O
MrMonk: yes, it's called Kung
Orca: HAHA!
Kung: -_-


Friday, July 13, 2007

Some movie news and notes...

I managed to catch the new Harry Potter movie tonight, and without going into great detail for those who're going to see it (or are current reading or re-reading the book), I'll say as a person who had just finished the book 2 days ago (albeit a quick read since I'm trying to get through the series so I can read through book 7 since one of my friends is having a get-together to read the new book), I felt that the new movie is too "short" even though it clocks in at 2 hours and 18 minutes since there were several scenes that could have been expanded upon to make the movie more filling, but it just quickly skips and moves to the next scene. In summary, if you haven't read the book, you'll likely enjoy it more although you might be confused at some points because you don't know full details of the story. If you read the book, you may be disappointed.

In the last two weeks, I also saw Live Free or Die Hard, Transformers, and Ratatouille, and I thoroughly enjoyed all three of them. Die Hard and Transformers won't win any awards for their respective story, but for pure unadulterated action and fun, these movies cannot be beat. At this rate, John McClane'll have to save the world given the progression of his character (Saves a building in the 1st movie, saves an airport in the 2nd movie, saves a city in the 3rd movie, saves a country in this one :P). I had doubts at first about Ratatouille after watching the initial trailers, but Pixar always manages to come through with a good story to back up their amazing visuals. The fur is especially well done this time around. The only picky thing about Transformers was that they tried to be too funny with it at times...

The last thing I'll mention is that the Kungmobile blew out a tire on its way to the theater today. I was on the way with a full van since David's parents, 2 sisters, and sister's fiance are visiting for the month, and on the highway, I don't know what I ran into, but it cause a pretty loud disturbing noise, and about 10 seconds later, it was *cluck cluck cluck cluck...* -_- Fortuately I didn't lose control, so I slowly worked my way to the side of the highway, and David and I quickly went to work putting on the smaller spare. Fortunately it was a lot cooler by then with the sun down, so it felt pretty good to be outside, although I was constantly reminded that there were cars zipping by 5 feet away from me as David and I changed the left rear tire. But we made it to dinner and the theater eventually, so all was good afterwards :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Rock with working video!

Although this is an early look, it looks to be pretty fun :)