Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2007 New Years Resolutions in review

One nice thing about a blog is that it's a good way to keep track of random things and events, so I went back to visit those 2007 resolutions that I posted a while ago and see how I did.

1) Graduate within the next year: Well, I made a lot more progress on research this year, but it'll look like I'll have to be a student a bit longer. The good news is that it's looking like I'll graduate around this time next year.

2) Stay positive: Although this one sounds pretty generic, it had been pretty hard to keep my head up with the stress of research and other things in years past, but I believe I did an ok job of looking on the bright side of life.

3) Do a bit more to take care of myself: Over the spring and summer, I was doing pretty good in keeping this up by playing basketball, tennis, and scaling mountains, but once fall and winter rolled around, I took a step back.

4) Blog more: Post count is up, so mission successful!

5) Find that special someone: No g/f, so a big FAIL on this one. Although a recent fortune cookie said that love was around the corner........nah, that's not happening :P

Overall, I'd say I accomplished 2.5/5 resolutions, and batting .500 ain't too bad.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Midnight Massacre in Hell(gate)

This was the scene last night in Death's City, which lived up to its name with the numerous deaths of me, Grapes, Dragon, and Dragon's minions as we fought valiantly for over an hour to take down Lord Enorat.


Update: Some more action shots from Dragon's point of view