Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Still alive here...

Sorry for the recent lack of updates. I've been sorta busy studying for my one miderm and prepping for a presentation this week, so it's been sort of a hassle trying to get things all together. On top of that, I've been falling behind on my anime reviews >.< But I will definately try to catch back up over the weekend!

My PC's hard drive decided to play a mean trick on me this morning and pretend that it had kicked the bucket. I booted up my PC after waking up only to hear the uneasy "" after the BIOS screen went through and when my PC tried to load Windows. After I came home from my midterm, I took a closer look at it to see if there were any connections that had loosened and such. It was a Seagate hard drive, and I haven't really done anything overly intensive on it, although I must admit I probably should get a better power supply since my PC seems to whine a lot while I'm running Folding@home in the background (Folding@home keeps your CPU usage basically at 100% all the time, so my CPU is probably trying to gobble up as much power as it can). After quickly running to the computer labs to make some boot disks for one of Seagate's diagnostic programs and booting it up on my PC, I was glad to find that the physical drive itself was pretty much intact since the surface scan came up clean. However, the filing system itself had laid an egg on me, which meant it was time to reinstall Windows once again (I had already done a new installation 2 weeks ago). But, I was glad knowing that I didn't have to shell out $$ to get myself a new drive, and thankfully I had my 300 gigger to store all my anime, so no anime episodes were lost :)

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