Sunday, December 11, 2005

Rawk on!!!

Every once in a while, there comes one of those games that's just so original, so simple, but once it reels you in, you'll play for hours and not notice the time pass by since you'll be having so much fun with it :) This year, that game is Guitar Hero. Words just cannot describe how awesome this game is :P You might think it sounds cheesy, but when you're rocking along to such hits as Killer Queen and Iron Man, you quickly forget the cheesiness and immediate immerse yourself into the game. Velius had been raving about the game to me for many days in the past, so I figured since it was my birthday, I'd get it and see for myself. Thanks Velius for the recommendation! d_(^.^)

David has headed back to Iceland, so I'm all alone now in the apartment T_T

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