Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Life update

I know I haven't been really good at updating this blog with life events (hence, the numerous spamming links with random stuff :P), so I figured it's time to take a step away from research (as a 460 meg file is being downloaded to my laptop :P) and do some real blogging for a bit. As you can probably realize, research has been busy as of late, but progress has been coming slowly but surely, and I got a paper accepted to the IEEE AP-S conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico this year, so I'll be flying down there in July to do a presentation on my anisotropic time-domain hybrid method. I've never been to New Mexico, so hopefully I'll be able to do some sightseeing as well.

In friends' news, my friend Yan got married last weekend to his fiancee Lisa. The wedding was up in Massachusetts, so David and I and another friend took a road trip up there. They had more of a traditional asian wedding ceremony, but since Lisa is vietnamese and Yan is chinese, I got to see two different asian wedding ceremonies in one day. After the ceremonies, they got some pictures taken at Phillips Academy, which served as a nice background drop with its open areas of grass. After the pictures, it was off to the wedding reception at Jin Cuisine, which is probably the biggest Chinese restaurant I've ever seen, for a 10 course meal, which included plenty of duck and seafood :) Man...you know you're getting old when you're seeing your friends get married :P But I'm happy for both of them. They've had some tough times in the past, but they managed to put their differences aside and be together for the rest of their lives.

Yan and Lisa (with Lisa's vietnamese wedding dress)
Yan and Lisa (with Lisa's chinese wedding dress)
Yan and Lisa (in traditional wedding attire)
Under a tree
So...that's how things are in married life...

Yan also got a pretty interesting wedding band, consisting of a titanium ring gripping a small diamond. Apparently, the ring is engineered so well that you'd have to use some sort of machinery to get the diamond out. For the trip, I drove about 1.8k miles and about 34 hours of driving over a 3 day period, but hey, I'm dedicated to my friends :)

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