Monday, March 17, 2008

Good Carma

So this weekend, my parents and I went car shopping since I figure I'd be getting one soon. I had my eye on a Honda CR-V since I've been driving my parent's Honda Odyssey for so long, I've gotten use to sitting up high and being able to see a bit further than the average driver in a sedan. So with that in mind, we went to the Honda dealership near my house to do a test drive. I ended up liking the car after the test drive, and they had a white one that I would have considered buying, so we did some talking with the dealer and got a pretty nice discount since my brother had bought his Civic there two years earlier. But dad insisted on checking out more dealerships, so we went to another dealership near Harrisburg.

The dealership in Harrisburg had a "Green Tag" sale going on where they had these green tags hanging on the rear view mirrors with the reduced price. So my mom and I got out onto the lot to look around, and I saw a white CR-V in the lot, so I naturally went over to see what it had. Whoa! The CR-V was pretty much fully loaded, but the thing that caught my eye was the Honda GPS navigation system, which is pretty rare to find as my brother had to wait a couple of months for the dealership to get a Civic with the navigation system. So I looked at the tag hanging in the car just to see what it was priced at, and I had to do a double take because the price seemed waaaaaaaaaay too low. For comparison, the CR-V next to it basically had the same things as the white one minus the navigation system, and it was priced EXACTLY the same! o_O I showed this to my mom, who was quite surprised as well, and we both agreed that someone probably put the wrong tag in the car, but she figured if the dealership would sell it to us that day at that price, we'd probably buy that CR-V.

Long story short, the dealership said that someone had put the tag wrong inside the car and insisted on selling it for 1K more than the tag price, but my mom, being the master haggler, wouldn't budge and continued to insist that we would buy the car if we got it at that tag price. I personally thought this was an impossible proposition for the dealership to take, but they said yes at the end! I don't have the new Kungmobile yet, but I'll be picking it up on Thursday, so there will be pictures to come :) I looked up the price later on and found out we got it just over $500 the invoice price.

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