Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Sketch of VO4's Schedule

I've been thinking on and off about how to schedule things for VO4, and I've come up with a tentative plan for what to do on Saturday and Sunday.


  • After everyone wakes up, we head to Marshall's for some breakfast.
  • After Marshall's, we hit up Dave and Buster's since Grapes mentioned to me that he hasn't been there before.
  • Lunch at D&B's or we can head to House of Japan.  When we eat will depend on how much everyone eats at Marshall's, where they have huge pancakes :P
  • To keep ourselves from food coma, I was thinking of having some sort of outdoorsy activity.  I had mentioned Frisbee golf to Velius, who initially thought that involved throwing quarter-sized Frisbees into a golf hole ;)  There's a Frisbee golf course around the Ohio State west parking lot, so I could give a brief OSU tour too if people wanted to see the campus before or after golfing.  If there are any other activities in mind that anyone wants to do, we could do it during this time as well.
  • There are several options for dinner depending on what everyone wants.  For an American diner with a twist, we can try Cap City Diner.  If everyone is craving sushi, Restaurant Hama would be a good choice.
  • The new Indiana Jones movie is coming out the week of VO4, so if everyone has a joint interest in seeing it, we could go see it as a group after dinner.
  • If after all this we're not too tired and it's not too late, I will treat all =VGI= members to Graeters.


  • This will primarily be BBQ day involving cooking, eating,  football throwing, badminton playing, rock banding, karaoking, Bang!, Mafia, and maybe some poker if enough people are interested.


  • I'll leave this as a freestyle day depending on how everyone is feeling at the time.  Some things we could go see are the Columbus Zoo and COSI.
  • This was a random idea that just came to mind.  We could have a =VGI= dinner on Monday night be one where every person prepares a dish that is somehow related to your =VGI= name.

Anyway, this is the tentative plan I had in mind.  We don't have to follow it by any means, but I figure since I'm the host, I have a plan in case no one has any idea on what to do :)

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