Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend Awards Ceremony

So this past weekend, my company had their annual awards ceremony, which also doubles as the Holiday Christmas party, but since it's not officially called a Christmas party, the party can be tax deducted. It was held at the Lansdowne Resort in Virginia, and it was quite a nice place for the venue. One advantage of working outside of the company headquarter is that they paid the cost of the hotel room for the night, which gave me an extra incentive to go down for the ceremony since it was out of the way for me. On the other hand, I didn't know anyone who was attending the party besides the co-workers in my building who came, and for me, it's awkward to go up to random people and say "hey, I work here too..." But besides that, the dinner was nice (had a nice medium-rare steak that melted in your mouth), the prizes give out for job referrals to the company were ridiculous (two 50 inch plasma TVs were given away as well as various iPods, digital cameras, and maid service for a year), and the room I stayed in had like 10 pillows on the bed. I did find out later that the electronic lock didn't actually lock when I left my room, but fortunately everything was there when I got back from the party.

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