Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vegas Loot

I had some time today to take a look at my current chip count from Vegas hotels on the strip, and I'm getting ever so close to collecting them all. Missing right now are Planet Hollywood, Bally's, and Sahara (Casino Royale doesn't count :P). I liked the old Luxor chip better (the one with the hieroglyphics on it) since it's nifty looking and doesn't look like every other chip, and for whatever reason I like the design of the Mirage chip, but the luckiest chip has to be the Wynn chip as I made up a great deal of my poker losses there this past January :P

In sadder new, the XM8 that Cucumbernator brought for me had a rough trip in my luggage, and the back end of it broke off -_- But fortuantely, everything else worked after I plugged the battery, so maybe I'll just duck tape the back end to give it the battle worned look :P And I will confirm that the sound the gun makes after you let go of the trigger does sound similar to the plasma blast in Star Control 2.

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