Friday, April 1, 2005

Pulling Teeth

Today I went to the Student Health Center to have my bi-yearly teeth cleaning (hey, gotta take advantage of the student insurance!) and seriously, this was probably the quickest teeth cleaning I ever had. My appointment started about 15 minutes late, but I was in no big hurry to go anywhere, but about 10 minutes later after sitting down in the chair, I was up and out. I guess flossing really does help out in the long run after all! The woman who cleaned my teeth did mention that I should be using a soft toothbrush, and I asked her why and she mentioned that it's does wear down the enamel of your teeth, but then I began wondering if that's the case, why did they bother selling medium and hard bristled toothbrushes. Anyways, I had been using a "hard" bristled toothbrush which came free with the Colgate Toothpaste I bought (hey, I'm a sucker for free things >.<) but I had a soft one in storage, so now that toothbrush lies in my toothbrush holder.

So remember, always floss! This is coming from a person who probably had every conceivable teeth-related procedure done to his mouth.

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