Saturday, April 9, 2005

Time to recover >.<

Man, after playing some basketball yesterday and rock climbing today, my body is ready to turn in for the day >.< I was guarding my friend David yesterday in bball, but since he's built like a mini-Shaq, needless to say it was taxing just trying to keep the ball away from him >.< Plus I got my thigh bruised and my body was sent flying when David turned to catch the ball >.<

Rock climbing was pretty fun, but I think I would have had more fun had my hands would stop sweating :( I made it to the top of the wall on the first two walls, but I was unable to make it to the top of the rest of the ones I tried >.<

After the physical strain, my friends and I managed to catch an afternoon showing of Sin City, which is definately not for the squeamish if you want to see it. Headshots will be shots, limbs will be flying, and many other body parts will be ripped off. If you can stomach all of that, it's an interesting movie to sit back and just appreciate how it's presented.

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