Monday, March 6, 2006

The day after "That Day"

Despite the fact that we had access to the stage on opening night, the cast and crew came through and "That Day" was a success both this past Friday and Saturday night! Over 250 people showed up over the 2 days to watch the show, and about $200 in donations to the Scarlet Mask Society was collected! I wasn't so much worried about the cast since every single one of them pretty much had their role nailed down, but I was worried about the spotlight and lighting issues since I had to manage the stage lights backstage while the spotlight and sound were being taken care off behind the audience in the auditorium. Fortunately, we designed a very good cue sheet to make things run smoothly. The other big issue finding a efficient method of getting 20 cast members on and off stage since the room backstage was basically the size of a closet, and it only led to the stairwells in the Ohio Union, but several members of the cast took one of the cue sheets and took responsibility for getting the right people backstage, which made things SO much easier since all I had to worry about now was managing the lights. Despite all the madness, I'm going to miss those Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday practices watching the cast members do what they do best. Even though it was a lot of work, I had a lot of fun directing, script editing, visualizing, and working behind the scenes backstage.

To Ann, Barbie, Doug, Janice, John, Kate, Katerina, Kim, Kristen, Lamarkus, Laura, Louise, Matt, Mike, Pamela, Shannon, Srivathsan, Tracey, Vincent, and Zeb: Thanks for dedicating so much time, effort, and hard work in taking these roles! Jason and I are proud to work with such a great and dedicated cast :)

To Grace, Marysha, and Seth: Thanks for making my life easier behind the scenes in getting the props, stage and sound together :)

For those who haven't seen the program for the show, click here to see the roles played by the cast members.

Next up: The "That Day" DVD....

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