Thursday, December 14, 2006

Vacation time!

It's been quite a busy year for me, and I haven't had much of a chance to take any long term breaks, so starting next week, I'll be travelling around the US similarly to what I had done last year. Next week, I'll be heading out to Sin City where I'll meet up with some friends from Cornell. Since I sort of recently took a trip out to Vegas, I'll be sort of be a tour guide. Vegas has so many different things to see, and it's one of those places where I tell everyone that they should visit at least once in their lifetime because frankly, there's no place in the world that's like it. We also got some tickets to go see Mystère, which'll be my 2nd Cirque du Soleil show, and if it's anything like "O", I'll leave the show a happy panda :) In addition to Vegas, we'll be heading out to Death Valley to do some sightseeing since Orca loves to take pictures. I'm hoping if I hit up the poker tables again, my play will be better this 2nd time around at Vegas after losing $100 in 30 minutes the last time I played -_-

After Vegas, it's back home to PA for the rest of December, but I'll probably be either in PA, NJ, or NY depending on what's going on. However, the Kung family will make their annual trip to NYC in search of last minute deals on cell phone plans. The Motorola K1 has been the only phone out that has caught my eye so far, but if the Motorola MOTOFONE F3 somehow manages to get released between now and then, I might jump on getting that one too. I've also had some thoughts about getting the Samsung Blackjack, but after reading about its semi-mediocre battery life and various reports about what data plan to get, I might stick with just a regular phone. Although, the capability to have internet data at hand nearly all the time is a cool thought :)

For new years eve till the new year and onward, I'll be making my (what seems like) annual trip down to Houston to meet up with Velius, but this time, members from team =VGI= (and others) will also be there! So if you happen to be around Houston around New Years, there'll be a party at Velius' house :)

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