Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Back from the desert!

Yup Kungfucius has returned back from Las Vegas! I'm working on uploading the 200+ pictures that I took, so I'll have a visual report for everyone to see :)

Update: Thanks to Tochi for showing me some software to create some quick webpages to display the pics :) I'll post some more commentary later.

Vegas/California Photobook

Update 2: Since JAlbum doesn't preview the videos (at least I didn't find a setting for it), here's a small description of each of them.

Video 127-128: White tiger at the Mirage in its den (19 megs each)
Video 201: Bellagio Water Fountain show (58.7 megs)
Video 202: Mirage volcano (39.7 megs)
Video 203: My brother riding on a small pink scooter (9.5 megs)
Video 204: More scooter riding action (4.6 megs)
Video 205: My brother playing with a dog (11.9 megs)
Video 222: My gambling highlight :) (6.3 megs)

Overall, the trip was a blast despite the amount of driving we had to go through to go to California and back. As usual, the weather at Vegas was in the 100's during the day with 10% humidity, but luckily we were indoors most of the time in the casinos. I didn't play as well as I would have liked in poker, but most of it was my fault in not knowing how the house handles the poker games. When I signed up to play ($50 buy-in), I was under the impression that they would put you in a new table with everyone starting with the same amount of chips. Unfortunately that wasn't the case as I went into the game where people had been playing for a while, and I started with $48 in chips ($2 goes to the casino for playing), which basically meant that I was short stacked for most of the game. Ah well, I'll remember to bring in more $$$ the next time I buy into a game.

We saw the show "O" the night we arrived, and I can't really put into words how incredible this show was to watch. There was syncronized swimming, acrobatics, ballet, singing and dancing, and all sorts of amazing visuals that you probably need to see this show at least 3 times to see everything that goes on. The stage itself had at least a 10 foot pool built into it (since there were acrobats that were at least 100 feet in the air jumping into the pool), but it had a special meshed surface that can rise and lower into the water. So if you ever need a visually stunning show to see while you're at Vegas, definately check out "O".

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