Saturday, February 3, 2007

More singing will commence...

After showing David the awesomeness that is Karaoke Revolution, he decided to go out and get the AI edition for us to play with. This'll end up as a present to his sister/mother back in Iceland, but we'll be doing a lot of sing testing in the meantime ;)
The sing system is exactly the same as in the party edition. The one big change of course is the addition of the American Idol mode where you can start from the audition room (where apparently instruments are allowed now :P) and work your way up to the finals. In between songs, the judges (Simon, Randy, and Laura) will give their opinions. David and I haven't really explored all the different things that the judges say, but I'm sure when we have people over, we'll discover some classic quotes from the game :P As for Laura, she basically acts like Paula in always giving out positive feedback. The song choices are also just as good as in the party edition as well. Overall...the American Idol aspect just adds an extra layer to an already polished series of KR games. However, I've yet to find "Yo, Dude, Rock!" in this game :(

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