Sunday, February 11, 2007

Quick Update

Since the wireless internet that I've been "borrowing" has been sort of sporadic, I'll just post some quick notes of what's been going on.

-I flew via United Airlines for this trip (the last two times I came to Taiwan, I flew via Northwest), and my flight path actually got changed when I went to check in on the 7th. The original plan was to go from Columbus to Chicago to Tokyo to Taipei, but it ended up that I went from Columbus to Washington DC to Tokyo to Taipei because I guess the inclement weather in Columbus and Chicago resulted in some flights being rerouted. I didn't think much of it at the time, but this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I had a window seat all to myself from the flight out of Chicago to Tokyo :) I flew in a Boeing 777, and each seat had its own little LCD screen where you can watch whatever movies were being offered at the time, but the coolest part was the "Map" feature that displayed where the plane was relatively in the world and gave updated statistics about how fast the plane was traveling and how much longer the plane had yet to go to reach its destination. As for the airplane food, I thought it was actually "decent", but then again, I hadn't had airplane food in a while and both my mom and brother said the food was pretty terrible. On the way over I had some chicken and noodles, lasagna, and curry chicken. I didn't pay much attention to any of the movies that were on at the time (I watched a bit of "Man of the Year") and rotated my attention between Elite Beat Agents and Sudoku on the DS and read a bit of Stephen King's Cell.

-One of the immediate things I noticed is the abundance of 7-11's. In fact, there's one right next door to my mom's house!

-I haven't eaten out that much yet except to get some breakfasty chinese-type food in the morning. Again, next door to my mom's house is a place where you can get soy milk and sao bing yo teow (I don't know the english words for it -_-) and other tasty food for teh win!

-My brother and I hit up the Taipei game show today (2-11-07) and man, it was crowded!! Although it was fun to look around and see everything, my brother and I probably would enjoy myself more had we known how to read chinese -_- There were also an abundance of attractive booth models in the various sections, but I felt sort of creeped out taking pictures of them since they all looked so young -_- One of the cooler exhibits was for this game called Hellgate: London. The exhibit had probably 40 PCs all loaded with the game, which I can best describe as a 3D Diablo. There was a guy working there that was cool enough to show me and my brother through the game since we couldn't read any of the menu options or dialog. There was a lot of free shwag to be found as well as many of the major booths had their models tossing out bags, pens, posters, and other various shwag. My brother and I probably ended up getting 2 game demos and a bunch of free online trials, but they'll end up going unused because of our illiteracy -_-

That's all for now. I'll have some pictures later when I get back home.

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