Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Faults, Double Faults, but still a good day

The weather's been getting warmer here in the Buckeye state, and my friend Conquistador called me up and we decided to hit the tennis courts for the first time this year. Unfortunately at first, a bunch of other people had the same thought as us, and the courts were all filled by the time Conquistador and I got there. Now, I'm all for people learning tennis and picking up the game, but when you watch a lot of noobies and beginners play, you realize that they really don't expend a lot of energy. It usually goes...

1. Person on one side feeds the ball.
2. Person on other side launches ball out/into net
3. If person feeding the ball has another ball, go to step 1, otherwise go to step 4
4. Collect balls up.
5. Return to step 1.

And then sometimes the pair sits down at the benches to you make you think that oh, they must be done. But no! They take a swig of their bottled water, chat a bit, and then walk back slowly onto the court. Fortunately, our display of patience eventually paid off and we got a court. Our first few shots were really bad, but we laughed it off and eventually worked ourselves into playing a set, which was ugly since I probably had a bagillion double faults but somehow managed to still pull it out 6-4 :P The highlight of the set was a mishit winner I hit (basically I framed the ball on my racquet) which I thought was going out, but a group of 6 or 7 people waiting for a court but watching the match between Conquistador and me exclaimed a collective "woah" as the ball bounced in :) That made the wait all worthwhile :)

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