Friday, March 16, 2007

March Madness has begun!

(*Dick Vitale*) It's showtime baby! Time for the diaper dandy's and the PTPers to step up their game for sport's biggest dance of the year! (/*Dick Vitale*)

There weren't too many surprises in the first around, although it wasn't a good time to be a Blue Devil. Central Connecticut ran into a buzz saw as the Buckeyes shot 52 from the field and 55% from 3 on their way to a 21 point win. And meanwhile, the Dukies ran into a tough-nosed VCU team that wouldn't go away as VCU kicked and clawed their way back from an early 13 point deficit with 3 point shooting and full court presses to a 2 point win. So far, I've missed 2 to 3 picks depending on the bracket (my misses were Texas Tech over BC, Gonzaga over Indiana, and George Washington over Vanderbilt), but it's been enough to either tie for the lead or for 2nd place in the pools I've been in. So far, there haven't been any super huge upsets (VCU over Duke might have been an upset, but the Dukies haven't been play that well this year as they came into the tournament with 3 straight losses), and I feel this year that most of the higher seeds will likely come through. But we'll see if anyone will pull a George Mason...

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