Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Deja vu...

The Kungmobile experienced a case of deja vu today. As noted from here, the Kungmobile blew out a tire as I brought David's family to the movies. This time, I was driving David's family to the same theater as last week, and on the same highway again (route 71), I hear a sudden loud disturbing noise near the back of the van, but I didn't think I ran anything over, so I figured it was nothing. But a couple of seconds later, it was pretty obvious that the Kungmobile blew out another tire (rear right) as I began to lose control. Fortunately, the traffic wasn't too bad, so I pulled to the right side again, and David and I went back to our tire changing routine. Fortunately, it only took us less than 7 minutes or so to change it, so we're getting better! At this rate, we might get so good that NASCAR will hire us for their pit crew. Also, it was probably better it happened like this because David's family and I were planning to head towards Cedar Point today to go there on Thursday, but the forecast calls for rain on Thursday. So at least now, I can get it fixed up before we head up.

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