Monday, July 30, 2007

The Price is Right

After spending a good portion of July at my apartment, David's family left for their trek back to Iceland. While it was nice having people at the apartment to make things more lively, what was sort of more interesting was hearing them talk about how much cheaper things are here compared to Iceland. For a good majority of the time, David's family found themselves out shopping practically everywhere. Some examples of the things purchased.

1) One of David's sisters bought 7 pairs of jeans.
2) David's sister's fiancee bought an electronic drum set to ship back to Iceland.
3) David's parents bought a sofa set that consisted of 3 pieces. They claim that even with the cost of shipping, it'll end up being 30-40% cheaper than purchasing it in Iceland.
4) All 7 of us have gone out to dinner at some nice places, and David's dad had mentioned that the cost of 7 eating out probably cover 2 in Iceland.
5) David's dad bought 2 or 3 digital cameras (Canon SD1000) for the school that he's principal of.

So I guess the next time I go to Iceland, I'll have to take a good amount of cash along :P

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