Sunday, October 28, 2007

The A"MAiZE"ing Race

Since Dragon and I've been stuck in our offices doing work for most of last week, we decided to take a day to go out and get some fresh air down in Lebanon, Ohio to see a corn maize.  I personally had never been to one before, but now I can say I've been to the 2nd largest maize in the United States :P  The setup of the maize is in the form of an eagle as you can see here, and if you can see it on the picture, it starts and ends near the top right where you can see a blue roof.  I asked one of the guys working there how long it took to set up the entire maize, and he said it only took a day (from 6 am till midnight), which was pretty impressive I thought given the shear magnitude of the maize.  To help visitors through, each visitor can choose a "passport" that contains 10 questions corresponding to 10 waypoints in the maize, and depending on the answer you choose, you could either go on the path to the left or to the right of the waypoint.  There were a bunch of different passport themes, and Dragon chose the Halloween theme passport while I chose the sports one.

As for getting through the maize, Dragon and I employed the strategy of going left whenever the path would split into two or more paths.  This strategy proved to work well as we somehow managed to skip waypoints 8 and 9 on our way to the exit in 1.5 hours!

The Amaizeing sign Field view

Headless Bunny Mini-Maize Map

Mini-Maize Maize Entrance

Hai!  I can haz directions?! Stalky

Long Path So...which way?

Lonely cob Corn on the cob on the stalk

Almost to the exit! Hay worm

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