Thursday, October 25, 2007

Image Capture: Update 1

David and I were eating at Penn Station at lunch today, and David was browsing though a newsletter called U Weekly that was sitting on the rack near the entrance. Inside, there was an article talking about the OSU Marching Band, and I did a double take on the picture that was included in the article because it looked suspiciously like the picture that I had taken of the band doing Script Ohio.

So I made a mental note that there was a guy standing by himself near the lower left of the "O" in Script Ohio, and after lunch I took a look at the picture that I had taken.

Sure enough, there was a guy was standing there alone on the lower left of the "O". So I went back to Penn Station and got the paper to take another look. The newsletter has a website, so I went to see if they had the same article posted on the website, and sure enough they did here. Although the photo was touched up a bit, I think I wouldn't be crazy to say that this is my picture that the newsletter is using. It's not that hard to find since if you look up "ohio state marching band" in Google Images search bar, my picture will be the first one to come up.

I'm gonna write an email to them and see where they got this image from...

Update 1: The editor sent an apology.

Yikes, thanks for bringing this to my attention Kungfucius. I'm not sure what happened here because the photo that is supposed to have run with the article was also of Script Ohio (provided by the band), but at a head-on angle. I'm not sure how your photo ran instead and I'm very sorry about that. I'll make a note on the website immediately that it's your photo and run a correction in the next issue.

Thanks so much!

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