Sunday, June 8, 2008

I would drive 1000 miles...

It's been quite the weekend as I'm trying to get the cove in Maryland set up. The weather decides to try and make things difficult by providing Maryland the hottest day in June history this past Saturday, but fortunately for me, my apartment is halfway underground, so it has some natural insulation from the elements. The mover were suppose to come last Thursday, but they had called last Wednesday saying they would come on Friday. But Friday rolls around and my parents and I go down to bring some things from my parent's house PA and wait for the movers, but the movers call saying the moving truck broke down, which means my stuff wasn't arriving till Saturday.

To pass the time, my parents and I drove over to Delaware to go to the Christiana Mall, which excited my mom since Delaware doesn't have any sales tax. But how they get you is by setting up 2 toll booths so you end up $10 to go to the mall :P

8 PM rolls around on Saturday night and the movers show up and quickly unload all of my stuff. So everything arrived, but I'll take the next weekend to set everything back up. Now I'm back in Ohio to take care of some other errands before heading to work on the 16th.

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