Thursday, June 12, 2008

Settling in...

After driving from Ohio to PA yesterday to stop and pick up some stuff at my parent's house, I drove down to MD today to start setting some things up in the new apartment. First thing was to pick up the mailbox key for my mailbox since the post office had to change the lock so the previous user can't hijack my mail. I had filled in a form at the post office about a week ago to have my mail forwarded, and I was glad to see that the forwarding was working as I got an electric bill for the Ohio apartment :P

The Maryland heat continues to beat down today, but fortunately, half of my apartment is below ground, so there's some extra insulation to keep my apartment shielded from the heat. Most of my stuff has been unboxed (except for the books), and I've found that I probably brought a bit more stuff over than I comfortably have room for (the BBQ grill is taking up a bit of the kitchen), so it looks like my parents'll have to take some stuff back when they come down this weekend.

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