Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cesar’s Diner

With the move to Alexandria, I have a wider choices of restaurants available to me compared to at Aberdeen, which one of my coworkers declared a cultural black hole.  King Street in Old Town Alexandria by itself offers a variety of potential choices as you can see below if you search for “restaurant” on Google Maps.  So in an attempt to try as many restaurants in and around Alexandria as I can, I've made myself a New Years Resolution “treat” to go to a different restaurant each weekend.

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I was craving breakfast food this morning, and I couldn’t find any diners with a quick search on King Street, so I headed up north to Arlington on 23rd Street to check out  Cesar’s Diner.  Although the reviews on Yelp made Cesar’s sound like it was hit or miss, I thought it was quite good if you’re coming in for breakfast.  The place was really packed when I drove by, and I thought I might have had trouble getting a table for myself, but they seated me pretty quickly at a booth for two.  I had thoughts of having pancakes, but the omelets sounded too good to pass up, so I ordered a bacon and mushroom omelet with a side of home fries.  Their home fries must be a popular item as one of the grills in the kitchen has its whole surface covered with chopped potatoes.  I also ordered a hot chocolate, which turned out to just be a packet of instant hot chocolate, but the extra whipped cream on the top was a nice touch.  For whatever reason, part of me was amused by the bendy straw that was served with my water, but it’s probably because I haven’t seen one in a while.

omeletMy omelet came out neatly rolled like a burrito accompanied by the home fries.  There was also a side of wheat toast not pictured.  It’s pretty typical of an omelet, but since I hadn’t had eggs in a while, this omelet was pretty darn good.  I’ll likely come back again to try their pancakes and waffles.

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