Wednesday, August 10, 2005

It's all about the money...

Last Friday I watched on TV as went IPO, and it pulled a Google as it jumped from around $20 up into the stratosphere at $100 or so. But as you can see here, the hype doesn't last forever as Baidu's stock price has gone down steadily the past 2 days. Although I had recommended Google for my mom to buy despite it's expensive starting price since we all know Google is awesome, I don't know Baidu will undergo the same sort of jump that Google underwent despite the huge first day jump. Ah well, that's the crazy stock market for ya. In case you're wondering what stocks I own, I have some stock both in QQQQ and Intel. I'm in the red a bit with QQQQ since it was bought pretty early while the stock market began its downfall back in 2002 or so, but Intel has been pretty good to me so far.

Meanwhile, flash to the present, and David and I find ourselves with a $100 electric bill :( Looks like we're gonna have to turn down the A/C to conserve some power.

In some better news, Seagate send a refurbished hard drive to me today, so I finally was able to get my desktop back up and running. Although I'm happy to have it back up running, I'll miss the silence I enjoyed just from using my laptop.

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