Wednesday, August 24, 2005

They call me "The Boat"...

Despite not playing that much poker in between poker nights, luck has definitely been looking over my shoulder. Last week I came in 2nd place in the field of 11, and tonight I came in 1st in a field of 10 :) All this without my daily lucky fortune cookie :P In case you're wondering about "the boat" reference, a "boat" is a full house, and I luckily managed to make a boat on the 2nd to last hand I played to beat out a flush.

I will say though that everyone must download Google Talk and use it if you have a Gmail account (and add my gmail address to their list :P). The talk feature is truly excellent, and it even has a ringtone signaling you're calling someone when you initiate a voice call. The interface is clean and minimalistic, and hopefully Google will have it support all other chat protocols out there in the future. Once that happens, Trillian will be heading to the recycling bin.

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