Tuesday, November 8, 2005

I guess therapy is good after all!

No, I'm not in a mental institution if you were thinking that was what the title implied. My roommate David had turned his ankle racing with my friend Ryan (who seems to be an attraction for leg injuries as he was playing basketball with his friend Matt when Matt tore his ACL) two weeks ago. Now, I'm pretty familiar with ankle turning as Kabitzin and Velius can attest to in our episode together in basketball class. I had stolen the ball and went for the "easy" layup, but I forgot to think about landing after laying the basketball up, turned my ankle, and missed the layup completely. Anyways, after waiting for a week, David had it checked out, and the doc put him on some 600 mg ibuprofen, gave him some crutches, and set him up for a session of physical therapy. David went to the therapist yesterday still using his crutches to move around, and came out of the session carrying his crutches, which came as a complete surprise to me thinking that one session could make such a difference!

David told that during the session, the therapist said it was actually detrimental to stay off his ankle for a long time since there were some nerves around the ankle that would "slow down" and not be able to compensate against ankle turns if the ankle didn't have proper therapy. I found this interesting to hear since I've found that I would accidentally and awkwardly tweak my ankle once in a while walking normally, so maybe I'm due for some therapy too T_T

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