Friday, November 25, 2005

Operation Black Friday Shopping

This is probably the only time of year when you'll see so many people voluntarily get up at 4:30 am in the morning to go spend their money. Of course, I happened to be one of those people since I'm always looking for the good deals :) Anyways, the main goal for the morning was to hit Staples since they had a nice looking 19 inch Samsung LCD for $199 after rebate, but Staples wasn't open till 6 am, so my brother and I wandered around Circuit City, which happened to be right next to Staples, for a bit. Even in the chilled 19 degree air, people were ready and waiting to jump into the stores as the line for Circuit City was a good 1/3 of a mile long. But to save our place in line at Staples, my brother and dad rotated shifts every so often so that one person would be able to warm up at Circuit City while the other person held the place in line. What was sort of sad was that I was planning to get a game for my roommate as a Christmas present at Circuit city, but the lines took so long to check out that I just put the game back in frustration T_T Fortunately, we were about 10th in line at Staples, so we were able to get the LCD and some other trinkets that were on the sale table. And thank goodness for online rebates forms, which actually make it easy for us to send in those pesky rebates!

Now it's back to bed to warm up and recharge for the rest of the day -.-

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