Saturday, January 7, 2006

COSI after dark

One of the bigger attractions I haven't gotten around to seeing in Columbus was the COSI center, which has a lot of nifty science-type exhibitions and fun games to play around with. But thanks to the student activity fee all students play, OSU sponsored a free night for OSU students to go, so I couldn't pass this one up! Of course, what's a visit to COSI without some pictures :P

COSI after dark!
A nifty harp with invisible strings near the COSI entrance
Space: The Final Frontier
See for yourself how the Mars Rover moved around and picked things up
Robots in action! (2.1 meg)
Bottle Rocket!
Want to lose weight? Check which planet you should live on
Monkey Space Suit
David saves Sai from inevitable doom from the dropping weight.
Don't get dizzy now!
Now try looking at it in motion! (675 kb)
How risky do you feel?
Bed of Nails (870 kb)
Now where's that black ball?
Law of averages in action! (510 kb)
Steve has no pants
Cool bone mesh overlooking the walkway
Pendulum to prove that the earth is rotating
Flying brains and monkeys!
This was a "Progress" exhibition showing a street in the early 1900's
Here's the same street 50 years later
I wonder how the X-box 360 looks on that TV
Old school cosmetics
More old school products
Wow, bring back those gas prices!
In the "Life" section, there were a bunch of interesting x-rays. As you can see, this dog wasn't so fortunate
Cross-section of a human body (not for the squeamish)
Uncertainty of Life
For peace and quiet, visit the echo-free room! (520 kb)
Sai and David decide to jack up a car while they were there
Grr...I can't remember the name of the statue, but it's a cool picture
Nifty water bell filled with mist (1.1 meg)
Mini Tornado (1.3 meg)

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