Friday, June 1, 2007

Bow down to the King

There was a lot of talk after game 1 in the Eastern Conference final about Labron James passing up the final shot where he likely would have gotten an easy layup to tie the game, but instead he kicked it out to an open Donyell Marshall for a 3 pointer that missed. Well, Labron must have been listening as in double OT, he scored 29 of the last 30 points and hitting 11 of 14 shots during the fourth quarter and 2 OTs on route to a 109-107 win. I don't know what the Pistons were thinking, but you'd figure they would do something to take the ball out of Labron's hands or thought "oh, he couldn't go nuts the entire night", but Labron wouldn't be denied tonight. Those critic from the first game better stop harping about Labron not putting this team on his back because pretty much during overtime, the play was for the Cavs was to clear out for Labron and let him work his magic. Hopefully he'll recover in time for Saturday's game to close out the series and send the Cavs to their first finals in quite a long time.

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