Monday, June 11, 2007

A view from the Vet School

This weekend was graduation for many Ohio State students, including my friend Conquistador who graduated from vet school. On Saturday, Conquistador invited me and couple of friends to the vet school's award ceremony, which was a first for the vet school, and I could definitely tell that they haven't done this before as the presenters were scattered all over the place (some were near the stage podium and others were stuck behind the standing crowd in the back of the auditorium that didn't have enough seating for everyone) and award recipients didn't know where to look to get their pictures taken with their respective awards. After the ceremony, Conquistador showed us around the vet school, which I can best describe as a hospital with a barn-ish proportions since they have to deal with large animals such as cows, horses, and bulls. The few things that I learned on the tour were...

1) The IV bags for horses are the size of 1 gallon milk jugs, and horses usually have 3 or 4 of them at the same time.
2) Some animal owners have some strange attachments to alpacas, as the vet school were treating a good number of them. Conquistador maintains that they're the worst animal ever. They spit at you and die real easily, yet people want to spend copious amounts of money to keep them alive.
3) The recovery room for a horse is just a large padded room. Apparently horses wake up from surgery feeling very aggressive, so the doctors put them into this room, wait till the horse regains consciousness, then run out and slam the door while hoping they don't get kicked.
4) Brooks and Dunn are two goat brothers that also happen to be research goats.

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