Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The NCAA Gods hate Ohio State :(

After seeing this and this, I figured our basketball team was pretty much destined if not just capable of coming away to win the Men's NCAA basketball championship, but our team picked a bad time to have a really bad 3 point shooting night going 4-23 (.174), and 2 of those came in the final 2 to 3 minutes of the game when the game was basically out of hand -_- The Bucks probably played as well as they could given their shooting circumstances (and Florida could have easily ran away with the game), but without 3 point shooting, they couldn't get over the hump of 6 to 11 points Florida had in the 2nd half. It reminds me back in the day when me, Ender, Velius, and Kabitzin were playing an NBA bball game on the PS2 and listening to the in-game announcers do analysis...

Video Game Announcer 1: "What was the key to that game?"
Video Game Announcer 2: "3-point shooting..."

Well, this national championship game was a good example of that -_- On the other hand, Florida would hit some big 3's when the Bucks were trying to make their run back -_-

Despite the loss, Buckeye fans should be proud of what the young basketball team has done this year. They only lost to teams who were ranked ahead of them (Florida, UNC, and Wisconsin), and even then, they played those game really closely. Freshman point guard Mike Conley Jr. said he'd return next year, but it's still up in the air whether freshman center Greg Oden will come back as well since many analyst predict he'll go #1 in the upcoming NBA draft. If he does come back, our bball team would be pretty darn good, but then again, it's hard to ignore the $$$. Ah well, time to look forward to Buckeye football now...

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