Monday, May 7, 2007

Just throwing this out there: Part 2

Ender, Tochi, and I have been keeping in touch once in a while about invading Seattle for PAX. Airline ticket prices have been slowing coming down (I'm checking on Farecast and Kayak), and here are some thoughts from the two tarus. Both Ender and Tochi have shown interest in going a bit earlier to Seattle so we can take some time to visit the city it is, and I personally would have no problem of going up a bit earlier as well. However, this might present some issues as I'm guessing Catnipped needs to be working during the day, so access to a car might be a problem (unless we go the GTA route and hijack Catnipped's car, but I don't think she would appreciate it :P). But anyways, any thoughts from Velius, Kabitzin, or Catnipped about the proposed earlier arrival?

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