Thursday, May 3, 2007

Just throwing this out there....

Tochi and I were talking last night, and we figured it was time for a Veggie meet on the east coast. So I'm going to throw this idea out there and see what everyone thinks. As Tochi and Ender know, there's an awesome theme park about an hour and a half north of Columbus called Cedar Point, which can be described as the capital of rollercoasters since they have sooooo many rollercoasters smushed into a relatively small piece of land. So what I was thinking was everyone could find their way to Columbus, and I could show everyone around (OSU campus, COSI, etc.) for a day, and then we could take the next day up to Cedar Point. I have a minivan, so everyone should be able to ride comfortabley, and even Kabitzin has no excuse not to attend since he lives only about 2 hours away from me :P I guess the only thing now is to see whether enough people would be interested, and if so, which dates would work for everyone since we all have our own schedule. I was thinking maybe the July 4th weekend, but I'd also have to check to see whether I'll be free that day or not. Anyways, I'll throw the idea out there and see if people like it or not.

Update: Opps...sorry Kabitzin and Catnipped :( I didn't realize that not everyone was a fan of rollercoasters :(

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