Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Just throwing this out there: Part 2a

Looks like an early arrival is a popular option, and being the generous host, Catnipped has said she'd take a few days off if need be :) So I guess now the question is when would everyone like to fly in? I'm pretty flexible (long as the tix price is reasonable), but everyone has their own work schedule and number of days off, so here's the time to let everyone know what works for you. Also, some ideas have been put on the table for activities in Seattle. Tochi has suggested the fish market and hiking and photography at Olympic National Park (note this will be about a 2.5 drive each way), and there also seems to be interest in conquering trivia night at "The Celtic Bayou". Hopefully with our combined knowledge, we can make a run for the first prize :P

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