Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bioshock demo says NO YUO!!!

While I was waiting for my simulations to run yesterday, I decided to download the Bioshock demo and see what it was all about. From looking at the requirements that Catnipped posted, I figured my PC would be able to run it, albeit probably at a pretty low resolution. After installing and starting it up, I quickly noticed one important piece of the interface was missing: the mouse pointer. This proved to be pretty frustrating as I had to guess on where the mouse pointer was based on menu option words being highlighted as my invisible mouse pointer would go over them. So with that, I managed to change the resolution from 1024x768 down to 640x480, but even at that resolution, the main menu screen was crawling like a slow slideshow, probably at around 10 frames per second. After searching around Google, I found that Bioshock on the PC requires you to have a graphics card that has a version 3.0 pixel shader, which my aging Radeon 9800 pro doesn't have -_- Ah well...I'm probably not gonna bother upgrading my graphics card since AGP is pretty much on its way out.

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