Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Steve Jobs wants my $$$

At a special event today dubbed "The Beat Goes On", Steve Jobs introduced a new set of iPods, but really, what he was doing is thinking of more ways to try and get Kungfucius' money. I admit I like playing around with the latest and greatest gadgets, and when the iPhone came out, I went to play with one at the local Apple store here at Easton, and it's a pretty awesome device with a well designed interface. However, the $499 and $599 prices were a bit much for my wallet, and most of the time, I'm pretty close to a PC if I need to access the net, and no one really calls me that much so my KRZR is way more than adequete. And just over the weekend when M was visiting, I took her to the Apple store to show her the iPhone, and she said she'd would think about getting it if it were priced lower, to which I responded that Apple almost never lowers their prices unless they had a new build of the product out. Steve must have been listening to me, and today during the special event which introduced a new line of iPods, he also mentions that the iPhone price will be cut by $200. So now, the 8 gig iPhone is priced at $399 while the 4 gig iPhone is being phased out (although, you can find it here for $299). tempting... -_-

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