Friday, September 28, 2007

You know you're getting old....

..when you open the door to get out of your car, take the first step down, and when you stand up, you feel this sudden pain shooting up your back -_- This happened to me today right after lunch, and it basically immobilized me to my desk and bed for the entire day. This felt similar to the time I was down in Houston, and Velius, Ender, Tochi, and I were playing some touch football. Right after I threw a pass to Ender, the same sharp pain hit my back, and I was moving around pretty tenderly afterwards. Thankfully, I had saved some of those Icy Hot patches that I bought for my knee while in Seattle, and they did a decent job of relaxing my back. Hopefully some good sleep tonight'll make it go away (or I'll be confined to bed because I can't sit up -_-).

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