Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Project 365: Day 1

I’m sort of late to the Project 365 train, but I figure that getting started is better than nothing, so here goes!


Since I didn’t make any lunch yesterday, I went out to Subway to pick up my foot-long Italian BMT on honey oat for lunch.  Outside of Subway during the spring and summer over lunch hours is an outdoor cat who I personally named Garfield.  He (I’m assuming he’s a he) is quite friendly and approachable for petting.  I have no idea where he goes the rest of the day, but he seems to be doing well for himself the past two years greeting hungry Subway patrons.


Tochi said...

Woot!! Do you feed Garfield every day too? :P

Great start! Good luck with your P365!

Pekoe said...

I commented backwards (this should have been the 1st photo I comment on) ... but excellent P365 - great start and keep it up! Looking forward to viewing & commenting as it progresses :)!