Thursday, April 22, 2010

Project 365: Day 3


There’re few foods in life that are as versatile and good as pizza.  You can get all your food groups in pizza, you can have pizza for any meal of the day, and even cold pizza is pretty good.  I had prepped some dough to make some pizza for the hungry Veggies that were flying in late last weekend.  Honeydew brought some delicious crab cakes for everyone from Timbuktu’s on her way down here for everyone, so I’ve been using the dough to  make pizza all this week for lunch and dinner.  I’ll probably tinker with the dough recipe a bit because I think it needs a bit more flavor.

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Tochi said...

You know.... Pekoe and I were so looking forward to trying to home made pizza that night... but alas... :|