Sunday, July 17, 2005

A Harry Potter Weekend

This past weekend, David and I took a trip to Dayton, OH since some of his friends were anticipating the release of the 6th Harry Potter book, and they were going to Barnes and Noble to wait till midnight on Saturday to pick up the books, and then they were going to spend a good part of Saturday reading through the 6th book. Although I had only read the first Harry Potter book last summer, I figured that since I hadn't picked up a good book to read for leisure in a while, I would tag along and start on book 2 when most of them would start on book 6. Anyways, I took some pictures leading up to the sale at Barnes and Noble.

Reservation #46 all set!
The crowd's not too bad so far at around 11 pm
Plenty of Muggles and Wizards occupying the food court. A George Lucas sighting has also been confirmed.
A young wizards prepares to receive his frapaccino.
A purpled-haired witch begins to direct traffic...
As the crowds started to file in...
And the lines get longer...
And longer...
Some make it up to the purchasing counter.
I wonder what happens if you do open it...
Video: The manager had to call for all cashiers to keep the lines going (15 megs).

Too bad we probably needed to bring one of these to shrink people and push them out of the way, but the scene wasn't as chaotic as the pictures might have portrayed. The store manager called people whose reservation numbers ranged from 1 through 50 to get the books first, and since we had numbers 45-47, we were in the first group to receive the books. About 20 minutes or so after the books were released, my friends and I made it out of B&N without too much trouble.

On Saturday, I managed to get through 2/3's of book 2.

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