Sunday, July 31, 2005

Weekend Update with Kungfucius

This past month proved to be an expensive one. My credit card bill was up to $1000, and I had to write David a $1000 check to even out all of the purchases we picked up for each other. But looking back, a good portion of the credit card came as rent from my dorm (valuing at $609), David covered a good portion of the security deposit when we first signed the lease, and we recently got a nice TV, so overall, if I just look at the other costs, it's not too bad. Plus, I'm going to get about $400+ back from the OSU housing department for the time I wasn't living in the dorms.

David and I had noticed that there was a frisbee golf course nearby, so while we were looking around at Dicks Sporting Goods, we decided to pick up some frisbees designed for frisbee golf. It came as you see in the picture in a set of 3. The orange one is the "fairway driver" of the periscopes designed for that first throw off the Frisbee tee. The white one is sort of a utility frisbee designed for intermediate distances and such, and the red one is the "putter" frisbee designed for you to throw into the basket at short distances. Shortly after getting the frisbees, David and I went out to the course that was nearby, but after playing two holes and starting the third, divides Icelandic strength got the best of him as he flung one of his periscopes high up into a nearby group of trees and shrubs, and we weren't able to find the Frisbee after an exhaustive search :( Despite that, I think we'll be back at the park next weekend to see if we can go through the whole course.

On Saturday night I went to see Fantastic Four, which has been trashed by the movie critics, but regular movie viewers seemed to be more tolerant of it. My take on it is that you just sit back and enjoy it as a popcorn movie and don't expect too much. Yeah, FF tries to be funny way too much at times, but it's not so bad that you'll walk out of the theater. However, I was sort of confused about the powers Jessica Alba had. In addition to being invisible, she's able to somehow contort and control some sort of force field, which I have no idea how it relates to her invisiblity powers. Anyone have any clue to this?

David had always been a proponent of getting a grill for our apartment, so this past weekend, we went to Walmart and got this guy. We tried it out on some hamburgers and hot dogs, and it does a smokin good job of cooking the meats. The only thing we found sort of defective was the fact that the drip catcher can near the bottom of the grill didn't really catch the grease that cooked off the meats; it would just drip past the can onto the ground. Anyways, here's a shopper's beware story for the day. When we were looking for hamburger meats to cook on the grill, we looked at the frozen food section at Walmart and found a 20 pack of quarter pounder patties for around $11 or so. Sitting right next to those was another 20 pack of quarter pounders, but they cost $5.70, which befuddled David and I at first, and we were just about to get those burgers (being the poor college graduate students we are :P) when we looked at the nutritional information, and we discovered that the cheap burgers were basically 40% fat! So needless to say, we didn't get those burgers and went with the $11 pack instead. The classic moral of the story: If it's too cheap to be true, there's probably a catch to it :P

Last note: I heard Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" way too many times on the radio this weekend while driving around (like around 5 or 6 times). I guess people have gone bananas over it...

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