Saturday, July 23, 2005

I am not Tiger Woods.

This morning, I went to play some golf at a nearby golf course with David's friend Kevin. Needless to say, since it had been probably 3 weeks or so since I hit a ball, I was pretty much hacking through the 18 holes, which was frustrating at times even though I really shouldn't expect myself to be a great golfer. I ended up shooting 69 and 68 respectively....for the first 9 and second 9 holes :-p However, Kevin was quite a bit better than me as he averaged about a double bogey per hole, and he had the shot of the day on the par 3 17th hole. As I watched about 50 or so yards away, , Kevin hit a high chip shot up from the rough to the left of the green, and I slowly watched it as it hit the green and trickled into the hole. It was his only birdie of the day, but I think he'll take it!

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