Wednesday, July 27, 2005

"Good news is on the way."

At least that's what my fortune cookie said today as my friends and I ate at our daily Asian lunch place. Well, although it wasn't really news, David and I did pick up our shiny new TV today :) I was quite impressed by how prompt the Sears service people are. David and I showed up at the pickup place where there was a machine to scan your receipt for the time you pick up. David's name shows up on a monitor above the scanner, and there is actually a counter timing how long it takes for the Sears people to get our TV out. I looked at the other names that already had their items picked out, and the times averaged between 1 min 30 seconds to around 3 minutes. I didn't know the exact time the Sears guy came out since I had gone out to move my van closer to the pickup entrance, but once I had moved the van and gotten out of the car (which probably took 2 minutes at most), David and the Sears guy were already coming out the door with our new TV! One more thing to note...there was a dry-erase board next to the scanner which wrote that last month, 95% of all customers were serviced in 5 minutes or less, and 100% of all customers yesterday had been served in 5 minutes or less. So needless to say, I was quite surprised and impressed.

Of course, when there's good news, there's always some sort of bad news to follow :( The hard drive in my desktop computer decided to go belly up for the 2nd time, and an attempt to reinstall Windows proved to be useless as Windows was stuck at trying to find the drive so I can reformat it :( Well, luckily the warranty is still valid (up till December of 2006), so I'm gonna RMA it and hope for a shiny new hard drive later in the future. But in the GW :(

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