Saturday, July 9, 2005

Stomach pains suck :(

You know when you wake up feeling woozy, walk to the bathroom and the sight of the toilet makes you want to hurl, you know that something's wrong with your stomach. I was pretty much bed ridden for most of the day since my stomach wasn't feeling to happy for whatever reason. Thinking back and doing some investigation, I blame the milk since I checked the milk I brought over from my dorm to discover it had an expiration date of July 4th, and I realized that my stomach started to complain after I ate some cereal with milk yesterday morning.

Later this evening, I felt good enough to go and check out the gym available to use at the Q. Since I've been neglecting my biking routine, and the fact that I'm a bit far away from campus to access the normal biking route I usually take, I decided to hop onto one of the biking machines and crank out the miles from there. I only managed to get about 5.2 miles in 15 minutes, but I set the workout on "hill" mode, which basically made the pedaling progressively harder as time went on. I also did some weights with my arms and using the inclined situp thingie.

In sort of an interesting experiment this afternoon, I was able to give Kabitzin a virtual tour of my apartment using my laptop, my webcam, and my wireless router via AIM. So for those who want a virtual tour, feel free to send me a msg or email :P

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